Uncovering the patterns of resilient digital firms

84 digital service companies. 94% owner respondents. Results from North America to South Africa. This is how digital agencies, consultancies, and creative firms are not just surviving 2020, but adapting and thriving.

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To investigate how digital agencies, firms, consultancies and shops like yours are doing and how they're being impacted by the initial shock waves of this global pandemic, we rounded up a group of smart subject matter experts to uncover the patterns of high-performing digital shops.

From growth strategies, to project management, to cash management, to people management, billing strategies, and stress management—access to all these insights in our inaugural 2020 Pattern Report.

Here are some of the highlights digital firms reported…

Firms with more employees have worse outlooks about the second half of 2020.

“We went from $250k profit in Q1 to a projected $110k loss in Q2. Haven’t seen enough change to think Q3 and Q4 will rebound enough to give it anything other than 1/5 (for 2nd half of 2020 forecast).”

Nonprofits, industry organizations, government specialty

Firms that manage 3–5 projects per project manager have a better outlook.

“We’ve changed our PM approach and pricing structure and signed new clients.”

Nonprofits, industry organizations, government specialty

Half of firms are planning to stay mostly remote after the pandemic is over.

“My business is thriving in this type of environment.”

Entertainment, funded startups, government specialty

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Project management and operations

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