Uncovering the patterns of resilient digital firms

How will digital agencies, consultancies, and creative firms not just survive 2020, but thrive?

To investigate how digital agencies, firms, consultancies and shops like yours are doing and how they're being impacted by the initial shock waves of this global pandemic, we’ve rounded up a group of smart subject matter experts to uncover the patterns of high-performing digital shops.

From growth strategies, to project management, to cash management, to people management, billing strategies, and stress management—you’ll have access to all these insights in the 2020 Pattern Report. Help us shape the direction of the agencies of tomorrow by sharing your own company practices today.

Data and insights provided by your friends at…

Promethean Research

Growth strategies, sales pipeline health, and data analysis

Louder Than Ten

Project management and operations


Payment, contracts, and negotiation


Capital, cash, and operating expenses